" Why Did My Daddy Leave?" : Join Them!!!

Don't you just love a good panel discussion? What better topic to discuss, then the fatherless epidemic that is effecting so much of our youth today! The Fatherless Generation did it once and now it's time to be back at it! In less than two short weeks in Atlanta, Georgia a great of panelist are ready to take center stage and discuss what is really going on with our fatherless society! This is where conversation meets healing! Trust this event is not to be missed!
Event Details


October 6, 2012


Gordon Biersch
3242 Peachtree Rd NW
Atlanta, Georgia


12:00- 3:00 p.m.

Hosted By

Fatherless Generation Foundation

" With an emphasis on 'Responsible Fatherhood' coming from as high up as the White House, FGF has embarked on a campaign that not only heals, but gives a voice to a generation silenced by an absent father and emotionally wrecked by rejection and abandonment. FGF provides services and programming permitting the fatherless to heal from their 'fatherless experience' Most importantly, FGF is actively engaged in the mission of re-engaging biological fathers back into the lives of their children."
Amazing work they are doing in and for the community!  Also check out their blog!

We R Fatherless

Don't forget October 6, 2012!!!!