Going Down!!!

"Though you cannot go back and make brand new start, my friend anyone can start from now, and make a brand new end!!!"

"You have to make a choice in everything you do, remember that, that choice makes you!"  

I am sure you all are aware that "Unstable Cradle" has been down for a little while now...well that is because my father found out about it! I am not going to get into great detail, but lets just say he was not best pleased! A lot of people are not pleased with what I have done, and I do apologize, but on the other hand people have been telling me I need to do what is best for me and worry about me for a I finally did that! Words can never explain how much the website and talking with all of you has helped me! Now granted I maybe should have not posted so much information about what my father has done and who he is: but those are all things I have seen and that he has done to was helpful for me to get it out of my system and for you all to understand what I was going through to understand the purpose of "Unstable Cradle." Well due to what was going on, I took down the site, and was thinking of terminating it permantely, but recieved a lot of support from you all to put it back up(love you guys!!!), so instead I deleted those post...and I am continue with the website. It is helping you and it is helping me!!!  

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