Well I have been meaning to write the post for weeks now! But first off I want to say I hope you all are helping and praying for Haiti! Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere and has unfortunately suffered another tragedy to their country as a result of this earthquake. And if we remember in the past when Haiti has exprecienced past tragedies they just do not have the resources, and things needed to be flown into them! The country is now going through devastaion with the multiple lives lost, multiple injured, and the rubble they are left with(that will need to be built back up). Every little bit counts! I pray that everyone is doing what ever they can to help this country that is less fortunate than ours!

Well on my last post I told you why Unstable Cradle had been down for a couple days, so in the post I told you why! Well somebody anonymously wrote "F*** Off!" Like I posted previously I am not stopping!! Do I recognize I have hurt individuals in the process? YES! Am I sorry? YES, but that does not mean that I am just going to help healing myself through my writing..and helping all the people that also read this website!
I spoke with an individual recently that said to me "it becomes a time in your life when you just got to let it go, otherwise you are only hurting yourself." While that is true, this website helps me let it go... I had been holding in for a very long time before i created Unstable Cradle; and I am not going to lie it was driving me crazy, although I ATTEMPTED to not allow others to see that I was!
So like I said through all the hate, and harsh words you want to my way.. but I will not be broken, aslong as I have the Lord by my side I will stand strong and I will not be silenced!
Actually despite some of the negative feedback I have been recieving I actually want to Unstable Cradle BIGGER and BETTER!!! but I cannot do it alone...aI need the help of all of you..with your continueous support!!!