About two months ago I wrote a post about my sisters, particularly my older sister and how I had not seen her since before I started high school. I was detremined to reconnect with her no matter the cost, but it seemed like my father on the other hand ruined all of those plans.

I took a trip to DC for over a month, placing me one step closer to my sister, who lives not to far a way in Jersey and the plan was for one of us to make that trip so that we could spend some long awaited time together. My father decieded to step into those plans when I first arrived and promised to bring Shante down to DC. Then two days before I was returning to Florida he wanted me to come to Jersey instead and then leave from Jersey back to Florida despite my ticket already being booked. Needless to say we did not get to see each other because of my fathers planning or lack there of.

Lucky for me my sister was planning a trip with some of her friends to South Beach, Miami. This time nothing was going to come in the way of me spending time with her, even though some things came up I made it! I am not going to lie I was a little, well a lot nervous at first, just becasue I get nervous about everything and plus the last time I saw her I was a child! We met at Wet Willies, and I defintiely needed that drink to calm my nerves, but I was delightfuly suprised we had a great time. We had a couple drinks, layed out by the pool and had our own mini photo shoot! :)

Her friends were saying how much we look and act like eachother... it was funny! Even though we live I don't know how many miles away and for years had no contact we still shared that bond. Is much as my father drives me and her crazy, my sissy is one of four things he did rite... adding blessing to my life and family. Words cannot express how happy I am we got to meet and that everything went so well. Family is one of the most important things in my life, creating a bond with my older sister is at the top of my list; and this South Beach trip was a great start. I can't wait to move up north so I can start seeing her regularly! :)
I love you sissy!!!

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