Unstable Cradle

"Unstable Cradle" is a blog dedicated to single parent households, particularly households with absent fathers. I grew up in a single parent home, where it was just my mother and myself, and I knew who my father was; but when my mother left him, he left me at the same time! In this day and age fatherless home are an epidemic, so much so nobody even seems to acknowledge it anymore. I recently ran a search on twitter looking up absent father/dead beat dads and the majority of the results I received had to do with the single mother's point of view. I went to therapy because of the issues I had with my father after he walked out of my life. However a lot of children do not talk about it, or they constantly say they do not care or it does not bother them, but the fact of the matter for most of us it does. I always use to say I did not care about my dad and the way he treated me, but people noticed that when I said it my entire tone of voice changed, to anger and disgust! For years I have told myself to write a letter to my father and explain to him how I truly feel, and I never did it, I must have written this letter more than ten times, each time never making it to the end, because I just got to emotional or I thought what I was saying was just too harsh. However it really needs to be said...
Have you tried writing a letter to your absent parent?

No matter what I am going to love you, I just hope and pray one day you are actually going to love me back the way I do!