Child of the KING!!!


Yesterday morning I went to church with my mom like I do pretty much every Sunday to give thanks for the many blessings the Lord has poured upon me. Well our church(Christ Fellowship) was celebrating tweny-five years of impacting lives, so at the close of service there were multiple people who came up on stage one by one they approached with a cardboard sign that stated an issue or fault. Then once on stage they comensed to turn the cardboard over and have how the Lord has solved there issue on the back. People came up professing all sorts of things....

* "homeless and lost--> sheltered and saved"
* "Dictator Mom--> Doting Mom"
* "Unloved--> loved"

And the list goes on, each touching in their own way. Everybody knows how extremely emotional I am, so I was trying my hardest not to breakdown into tears, and to my surprise I was holding my composure very well! Then a woman came up holding one that said "fatherless," and I began to loose it, and on the back it said "child of the KING! " By that time I was done for! I read fatherless and it is almost asthough I put myself in her shoes, and suddenly it felt like I was the only person in the church. Then when she flipped the board I felt this sense of peace come over me, and the first person that came to mind was a beautiful lady I know Jessenia Arias(@iamadopted), who is not only a mentor to me but a friend. Along time ago she told me the space I have in my heart that I keep waiting for my father to fill will only be filled by the Lord our Father. Although I knew what she meant when she said it, it was like the woman holding that sign was saying it all over again and I felt the void starting to fill as she then began to walk off the stage. I was so moved, I know the feelings I have are not going to completely vanish but I AM A CHILD OF THE KING!!!!