The Inconvenient Truth

The truth is you are misfit
uncomfortably placed in my life
forced to carry you, constantly adjusting you
attempting to dispose of you, but what does one do with something of no
market value?
see the truth is you are mistaken
convinced you know all the facts
forced to play out my life in acts
this mess of a drama is my bondage
see the reality is you are miserably confused
leaving me victim to that abuse
that common misuse of the word truth
still left with no value
see the truth is you are considerably misplaced
left in an untangled web
say i'm saying alot without saying nothing at all
but my silence speaks volumes
enough to fill dark damp steel bonded rooms
see you need some assistance
objectifying your will with no resistance
your inconvenient truth is i am living in mess cause i am misfit, mistaken,
miserably confused, and considerably misplaced.

Dear Parent: Watch Yo Mouth!

I was recently tagged in this photo on Facebook!
What benefit can you speaking negatively about your ex-partner in front of, better yet to the child do?