We are more or less at the end of the first month of the new year, and I know like most, a lot of you have made some resolutions. Things that we decide we want to change or dedicate ourselves too, unfortunately very few us actually live up to those resolutions past Janruary. I know because I am guilty of the same thing. Why is it that we need a new beginning to change and decide to make moves to better ourselves. People see critcism as a negative thing, as though other people telling you, you CAN do better is the be all end all!

Instead of interalizing that constructive criticism, why not use it constructivaly to progress. We all have our talents and we should be using them to impact lives, change minds, and for own internal happiness; but instead many of us are using our blessings to become famous or wealthy. Those things are good and of course beneficial ,but if they do not come should we give up? I have been taught that failure is not an option, but what is the true definition of failure? Trying something and it not going my way or turning out the way I expected? Is that a failure, or a lesson learned?

I do not have the answers I am searching for them myself, but I know I am not the best alyrical I can be, so should I give up hope?

Lets face it the majority of us, myself included, are hard headed and have the egotistical spirit that we know it at all, whether we do or not. Why can we not accept that we can be better individuals, and strive for that better part of ourselves. I heard this poem on Brave New Voices and it really hit home. I constantly strive to be the best, not that anything is wrong with that, but when I realize I am not I become discouraged and defeated. Instead I should be using that moment as a push of encouragement. So this year and every year after I want to take that chance and make failure my motivation!