The other night I an extremely vivid dream, I really thought it was reality... and a huge part of me wishes it was reality!
I was at my fathers house, and I had spent the night there, and the dream began in the morning and I still can not recall who was with me, but the made me a hott drink(something my dad has every morning before he does anything). I rememeber thinking or maybe I said to the person I can't recall I am very suprised I am at my dad, and we are being civil and he hasnt asked to talk to me about Unstable Cradle. At that moment in the dream my father came around the corner with a cup of tea in hand, and smiled at me and whispered in my ear we should have lunch today, so we can talk. And I replied of course with a smile on my face, but in the dream I felt nervous as hell!!!! Then I woke up!!!

Now my mother has always said that dreams don't run straight, and sort of the opposite happens, but for the most part a significant amount of my dreams have become reality. I am hoping, praying, and wishing ona star that this one comes true!