As you all probaly know I have been trying to spread the word about "Unstable Cradle" anyway possible, and through that I have got to know some really amazing people like @JennRaines who have shared their stories with me. Well now you tell you about another person I met @lpoollad2009 or Ged.
Despite all Ged went through emotionaly and physically with his father and mother when growing up, he has grown to be an amazing and successful man.
Although not shy when Ged and I first began to talk he was very limited with the information he expressed with me, but the more we began to talk, the more he started to open up.
I was a lot like Ged when growing up, in the aspect that although are fathers were abusive towards us and our mothers, we still loved our fathers dearly and it was almost like they were doing no wrong even though we knew they were. Ged's father use to physically abuse him, and as a result of his fathers abuse he pushed his mother away, because he blamed her. Ged's mom left his father when Ged was four and his father past a year later, and because he thought his mom knew of the abuse he blamed her and at the age o twelve moved in with his grandmother and cut off all communication despite her attempts for six years. Until his grandmother pasted and he realized he did need his mom and opened up enough have commincation with her! Ged has now as an adult released all of those ill feelings he had about his mother and blaming her for his fathers death!
 And has progressed into a phenomenal man, who is so sweet and couldn't find a better friend! Follow him on twitter @lpoollad2009