We all know Christmas is quickly approaching, and as I mentioned before my mother and myself are suppose to attend my grandmothers dinner at my dads house. While doing research today for "Unstable Cradle" I came across this book/documentary... and was thinking it maybe an awesome gift for my father. I am really anxious to see him for Christmas, but at the same time, I really want him to know how I feel, by either siting him down and tell him(which will probably never happen) or directing him to this blog. I hate to say this but if I did buy him the documentary or book he probably would not read/watch it anyway and if he did he would not understand why I gave it to him or the significance of it. In two days it will be my birthday and I am really hoping to get a phone call from him wishing me happy birthday but I am not holding my breath!

I desperately wish my father could or would be a good man, while I know nobody is perfect it would be awesome if dad truely made an attempt to be a better man! While everybody has their own definition of a good man their is no way my father believes that what he has done or hasn't done is the correct definition!