More Influences...

After publishing the post about influential men in my life, I thought that through the rough relationship I have had with my dad, there have been some women, who have really helped me a lot, and influenced my life as well!

First we have Zipporah or Zippy, where do I even began... Zippy has always been there for me, friends since the 7th grade she knows all to well how my father acts. She has been there for the arguing(or him yelling), been at family functions that he attended, everything. Zippy was the friend I told you about that was at the hotel with me when my dad came by to yell at me for two hours. She is also the girl who intoduced me to the before mentioned James. Zipporah has always been there to tell me when I maybe making a mistake, counsel me, party with me, and just be goofy with me. Actually today is her birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZIPPY!!! When my life was a mess, she helped me put it back together, and got me out of Palm Beach to Orlando where we shared an apartment(while that did not turn out the way we expected). I still love her and miss her, we were best friends. She is one of the few people I can always be myself around, and she excepts me for all of my craziness...

While living in Orlando I met this amazing woman, the love of my life; through a mutual friend. Although I have not known Melissa as long as Zipporah she has definitely become a very close friend extremly fast. She is so easy to talk to and is always there to back me up! Although I am always giving her guidance, trying to stop her from making the mistakes as me, she has helped me learn so much about myself and grow as an individual at the sametime. She was there to help me when in transition when I moved out of my apartment, she came to help me pack up all my stuff(and I had a lot of Now that I am back in Palm Beach she has driven down and visited me multiple times, sometimes I have not been able to see her, because of bbw(sorry my love), but she stands by me through thck and thin regardless. Mel has got to be my biggest supporter besides Mike... and she always there to party with!! I do not know what I would do with out this chica... when my dad is being his normal self, she helps remind me that it's not my fault, and that one day he will come around and recognize his mistakes(we hope)!

Then we had Mrs.Wax, my high school chemistry teacher but more importantly my friend. I have known her since my sophmore year of high school, and she has always pushed me and helped me to be the best I can be. Many years and tutoring sessions later we have become very close, especially since I moved back to Palm Beach, we frequently meet for lunch or dinner, to catch up(because we tell eachother pretty much everything). She always keeps me laughing with her craziness, and whitty remarks. During high school when I was having the most problems with my dad she was always there offering a shoulder to lean on. My senior year of high school I moved away and graduated from another was really sad, I missed her! I didn't even take a science class that year, nobody could ever replace Mrs.Wax!

Next we have Marla or Marly, my cousin and Peter's sister! Marla has always been there for me, ever since I began spending my summers in Memphis, she is like an older sister to me. Just like Peter and I we use to get on eachother nerves, and still! But through our difference of opinions and everything, there is always one thing we will always agree on, WE LOVE EACHOTHER!! She recently read my blog, and was like how come I am not in, here you go Marly!lol! Although she lives far away, she is always there in spirit, and only one call away offering her support and her very voiced opinion!

Lastly, but defintely not least we have my crazy pal Jessenia, we have quickly became friends. She is an amazing woman, she was there for me before we even met! Myspace then Facebook friends at first she is the person who inspired me to blog in the first place.. with one of her imfamous qoutes "BE HEARD!" She is obviously a fellow blogger(, on her quest to find her birth mother! She has always been like a big sis to me, there offering her guidance and support, helping me to make the rite descions,motivate me, and just all around help me to be a better myself, helping to learn some things about myself, and who I want to be! Mike use to call her "twin," because everytime he called, and asked what I was doing, the majority of the time involved Jessenia, wether it was, eating, working out, shopping, poetry clubs, her blog, tweeting(@iamadopted), meetings, her inspiring qoutes, and did I mention did that a lot)! We both attend the same University, well she attends I am enrolled; but she is soon moving to be with her man, I am going to be so sad, who am I going to workout, act silly, eat, and tell crazy stories with! She is always reminding me, though I may never be at peace with the relationship I have with my father or lack there of, but I will find peace through Christ Jesus who is our true father!