Recently I wrote a post about the lady who called me dysfunctional, well this morning we spoke again on Facebook AIM and this is the converstion....blew my mind!!!!! I was so upset I cried half the conversation, because, I could not understand how someone could be so ignorant to anothers feelings, particularly when they claim they do not wan tknow. This conversation frustrayed me to no end especially becasue out of respect I could not say everything that came to mind!!!

My Thoughts

You always fighting with someone doesn't that say something he common denominator is YOU!!
i am not.. but i got to stand up for me,
maybe you need to re-evaluate somethings about yourself
and as far as your blog, my issue with that is this if it helps you to heal then fine but don't put your dad or whoever on blast you have to be respectful and does your dad know about it because he may not want his business out there
i just talk about things that happen to me...and he is apart of that i cant help it...those people don’t know who my dad is
yeah, but that doesn't matter there are people that do he may not appreciate it (funny for her to say that, becasue she is always saying i need  forget what others think, and live my life for me)
no he doesn’t know..i wish he did though.. so he would kno how i feltI dont appreciate all the shit he talks about me and my mom ..but idont say nothing
well that is the other point, you have to the bigger person and more mature about the way you handle things…just because someone does something to you doesn't mean you do it back to them that is elementary tit for tat behavior
ok.. i understand that(but i am not going back at my dad)..but that is partly what blogging is all about talking about what goes would kind of difficult for my follower to understand if they had no back story... all of what i wrote is from me.. so it doesnt matter….just like ppl who write books..and they talk about what has happened in there life..
it is not the same people who write books about their lives unless the person is dead they have to get permission otherwise they get sued… that is what you don't understand. it may be from you but it includes other people and it is personal stuff
Be respectful!
I am.. all i do is express my feelings
Find a solution and not be part of the problem
but like i said every decision you make can't be based on feelings
im not, how am i apart of the problem
if you base your life on feelings girl you are setting yourself up for failure. in your blog my suggestion is this yes speak about how you felt
i dont..but i really dont see what is wrong with expressing them on a blog where that is what it is about
but also speak about how you overcame, find a solution to the problem
don't just complain express how you feel and be the problem there is more to life than just feelings
I am speaking out about what happened to ME.. have u read my blog...i have put a solution up there..
but be a solution in your own life
my blog is about helping other ppl including me get through it and find an end there solution
if you don't wish to speak to your dad then fine, but don't complain about the person he is
i dont complain about the person he is.. i complain about what he has done to me, my blog even says how i love him and wish we could have a normal relationship
what is normal to you, may not be normal to him you need to recognize that
And you need to mature in that respect
but he makes it normal with other children, but why not me because of my mom
and appreciate people for who they are and what they are
i do appreciate him, he helped mold me into the person I am
you don't know nothing about his other relationships
let me ask u this have u read everything on there
don't assume, i have read a few, not everything don't have time to read everything but like i said before
ok read ALL then maybe u will understand.. and yes i do know about his other relationships with his children...
if it helps you heal then good you can't sit here and tell me you know everything and relationships takes two you don't know everything you only see one perception of it
i know they do... but why are u talking like u do.. i have talked to my dad about and my sisters.. so i do more or less everything
the same way i don't know everything with you, you don't know everything with them, how could you know steph are you there 24 hours
and like i said, relationships takes two…….
believe what you want to believe steph, because you are not open ro listen and you just listen to what you want to listen to
i am but ur piont make no sense and ur not willing to kisten to what i am saying either
i know my point doesn't make sense, because you are not at that level yet you will figure out or maybe you won't

STOP saying that u dont know what level i am on
just be respectful to yourself and others…..yes i do, try to heal and try not to wear your feelings on your sleeve
no u dont to be honest u dont even kno me
the world doesn't revolve around your feelings, i may not know you
i am respectful always (if when I dont want to be)
but i now the kind of person you are or at least what you have shown me and what you have written on your blogs… are not that hard to figure out! remember i am older than you, and although i may not have experienced everything you have experienced trust me i have experienced a lot
i understand but age aint nothing but a number
your mentality is right where your number is trust me, you are 19. You don't know what i have experienced either
ok and im not commenting on ur life, or how mature u are
and i know people a lot more than you do, you don't even know yourself yet your still learning and that you should be doing but don't assume that is one piece of advice i will tell you don't assume nothing, about anyone, or anything
i dont...but u r
cuz at the end of the day you don't know what goes on behind closed doors. Nope i am not assuming nothing trust me (neither do YOU!!!!)
neither do you but u are talking to me like u do
i don't want to know steph that is what you don't understand, i don't know everything and i don't want to know (then why are you even talking to me)
then y keep bring in it up
all I am saying is you don't know everything you are only going by how you feel, you have said it
i know that.. i am telling my story from my point of view, but i only tell stories that have happened that i was there for
and you need to be careful that feelings especially
i have not posted anything that ppl have told me on there, everything on there i witnessed
and is from your perspective all i am saying is this, be aware don't wear your feelings on your sleeve and be respectful always, and maybe once try to look at it from another persons point of view you have told me time and time again that you are emotional, so you lied!
What ever.I have looked at from different pionts of view..u would know that if u actually read my blog...until u read it in it, ALL of it u really shouldnt say a thing
Well, one more thing to consider. your stability comes from you, and not your parents i don't want to read all of it i didn't say anything personal about your blog…all of this is directed towards you not your blog another thing about listening, i didn't bring up your blog you did
that is wat this whole convo is based upon.. i know that...which is why i dont really on them..i do me, no u did scroll up and read...u bought it up..i was talking bout grandma
i said be mindful about what you say about your dad in it yes but not about the blog itself, i don't care about he blog!!!
they r two in the same
not necessarily, i brought that up to speak about you, and the way you are maneuvering through life with your relationships
so u admit u bought it up
ok sure ,if that is me admitting it but more or less i brought up your dad, just be carefule sweety and try not to argue
what i wanna kno, is wat do u have to do with my dad why do u keep bringin it up..cuz u dont give a damn
i don't have anything to do with your dad you brough him up
u seem to have alot to say about something u know nothing about!!!!
i don't have anything to say about your dad or your relationship with your dad

no i dont i try not to have important convos with that have anything to do with my world and how i feel cuz all u do is s*** on my feelings
everyone has feelings you just take yours to another level, and that is my point
no i dont.. i not u i am not gonna lock them away and act like they dont exist
you can be upset at our dad at grandma at the whole world you don't know me to say that either, everyones feelings exist
i not mad an grandma i love her.. i just dont feel like hearing her nag all the time
but it s how you handle them….that is all i am saying steph learn to handle them a little better because like i said before
and how do u handle them...cuz its obvious u think ur way is the only rite way
the world doesn't revolve around your feelings and i didn't know i was making anyrhing obvious about how i handle my feelings, i never said anything about my feelings i said learn to handle yours! because the world doesn't revolve around your feelings, just be careful with that but you don't have to listen to anything i am saying girl you are grown remember you are mature for your age
i am not making the world revolve around them
you know everything, so like you say do you, in your opinion just do you steph
u obviously think my way is wrong so ur way must be the rite way correct
i didn't say your way is wrong, stop assuming, i said that from the begin if you want to know something then ask…don't assume, everything can be improved
i never said anything is wrong why does it have to be right or wrong this isn't about being right or wrong and i never said i was right and you are wrong
sometimes i wish u could improve the way you talk to its sounds like you actually give a damn about me and who i am
that is my point, you want people to show you they give a damn about you the way you want them to
but u dont have to s**** on me either
and not take the time to learn the person and see this is who they are and the way they give a damn may be shown differently no on is shitting on you
yeah i have noticed
you are so into yourself sometimes steph and that is my point get out of yourself and your feelings sometimes and learn people not everyone is going to show you love the way you want them to
i just love myself too much.. i care about myself too much
that doesn't mean they don't love you, no. you have to find a balance, eveyrthing takes a balance maybe if you thought for once..that what iam saying to you now is because i care about you……but no steph don't get that, because ithas to be steph way get out of that! and cont’ to write…i never said stop writing…. writing is good but keep learning and improve on your way
yeah writing is good aslong as no one else can see it
that is why if you don't know something or understand, ask questions, communicate......but don't be ahead of yourself

a little later……….

are you still there
no sweety i didn't say that
say what
that no one else should read it also and i am going to be really frank, don't put no comment on facebook like you have a problem with me but you don't come to me first i don't operate that way if you wish to speak to me about something that i said that bothered you pick up the phone, but you have no control of what i say I am not disrespecting you and i appreciate the same respect in return
what r u talking about.. when i said some people should keep there thoughts as just thoughts, you knew i had a problem with u and what u said i told u that
i have never been indirect with u
no, i didn't know that is why i asked again, you need to mature in that area
i shouldn't have to guess either
well i thought u knew well im telling u now..i have a problem with the way u talk to me sometimes and what u say
i am going to say things that you are not going to like, you can take it how you want to but sweet you need to grow up because that is life, and folks are not here to say things to you like you like also one more things about your dads relationship with your sister stop comparing their relationship to your you are not them and they are not you maybe that is why he can have a relationship with them
i understand that i kno ppl are going to say and do things i dont like that doesnt mean i have to act like it never happened
you need to be responsible for you(so do you and stop judging my life)

i am

you have no control over other people's actions or words. i never said that
besides everybody know my dad is a freaking prick
you have to act like it doesn't happen
i dont have to u may want me too... but i dont have to
eversorry, sorry you don't have to act like it doesn't happen not saying you should… rephrase your dad is who he is you are who you are
 i kno that and i have come accept this
all i am saying is this… heal from it if that is your goal, i am not sure what your goal is but just because your dad is a prick
i am and my blog helps me do that
doesn't mean that e should be ridiculed for it
it takes all kinds to make up this world
that then is great, but you only have control over steph
i know..that like u said i need to get over blog helps me do that while also helping others
great, but at the same time you are you steph you are not your sisters you are not anyone else so don't compare just work on you and if the blog helps continue to do so
ok...forget about my my blog i aint say s**** about them..i just talk about me and the effects my dads has had on blog aint about my dad its about me and my struggle
i didn't say you talked about them in your blog you mentioned them to me that your dad treats them better so yeah forget about them

Now all what she said is a big contridiction alot of what she said...she went around in circles and gave me a headache!!!!! But you know what I want to read this everyday and use as inspiration to kept it moving!!!