Support your Child

"I am writing this in behalf of my wonderful best friend and wife. My wife has had a lot of issues recieving her child support from her ex. This so called man abandon his daughter 6 years ago and she has not seen or heard from him since. There was a court order too pay child support in 1991. He has payed very little in these past years. He owes over 30k in back child support and the State of Florida seems not too care. We have had court dates where he does not show up and a writ has been issued but he is a alcoholic and doesnt drive or file for taxes. And as far we understand they just wont go pick him up, unless he has broken another law. She has contacted the local child support office here and she keeps getting the same old song and dance. The child support office doesn't care."

While doing research I came accross this, and it got me thinking. My father very rarely paid child support and when he did it was a minuscule amount. He even had the audacity to tell my mom one day, " I don't worry about it, becasue I know Stephanie will be well taken care of by you!" Although that is true, my mom did not have me all by herself, but that is another topic. I do understand the importance of child support, to hello..SUPPORT THE CHILD; however I believe supporting the child in other aspects is more importnat in most causes. Even when you live a million miles away, you can still be there for a child, it maybe difficult to be there physically, but emotionally they could hold it down if they so choose; but in most causes they choose to do NEITHER!