As you all know Thankgiving just passed, and while I am thankful for so many things I have been blessed with...holidays are always a bit sad for me!!! Anybody who knows me knows that I love family.. and love to pull them together and love it when we are together!

This year my mother and I stayed home and had dinner together, very last minute (went shopping the morning of, and began to cook). It has always been difficult to spend holidays with ALL(meaning my mom and dads side) of my family because the majority of my mom's family is in England; while the majority of my dad's family lives less than two hours away.
Now that my parents have split it is even harder, I NEVER want to leave my mom alone on any holiday...but I still want to see my other family sometimes. Granted my mom and I  are always invited to dad's family functions, because they all love my mom dearly it is not alwasy the most comfortable situation for her or my father if the both attend!

This Thanksgiving, my uncle offered to pick my up and take me to my Grandmothers with him, but that  would mean leaving my mom alone, and he said he was going to my Dad's house after and staying the night there.....NO, NO, NO!!!!
I already knew it would't go over well, especially since I called my dad twice on Thanksgiving and left voicemails, and I still have not heard from him!!!
 I love my dad dearly and wish that I could have gone down there to visit with family, but is way to emotional and too stressful, not to mention awkward!!!

Christmas is now coming up, and I heard my mother talking saying she is thinking of going to my grandmothers for the holiday, which means my father will be there...We Will See How That Goes????