How could you????

Through this blog I have had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with some amazing people, all sharing with me there different stories. This past weekend I met this wonderful woman and mother(@JennRaines) who also lives in Florida and we began talking and she started to tell me her and her son's story.
As we got to know eachother she went on to tell me how her ex-husband has completely neglected herself and most importantly his son, his new wife does not want the son in "her house" and he has children with this woman, so now @JennRaines son feel like an outcast! Although he meets his dad once a week for lunch, his dad needs to be a father more than an hour a week! My biggest fear is that her son is like how I use to be and millions of other children in our situation acting as though we really dont care at all! I use to say the relationship I had with my father,or lack there of was ok and did not impact me; but like I told you other people would notice that when I spoke of him my tone completely changed!
My thing is the woman he is now married to, how dare she say she does not want the boy in the house, that only speaks volumes about her character, that is his son for God's Sake!!! I don't know Jenn's sons name, but if he reads this I want him to know that it is OKAY to feel hurt and betrayed, you are only human and what your father and his new wife are doing is beyond wrong!!! It will really help you if you talk about it, you should talk to your mom, she really loves you and would do anything for you...and it hurts her to see you hurting.

Everybody should follow @JennRaines, she is truely AMAZING!!!!


Earlier today I was at home working on a post, and watching the Tyra Show and there was a young lady on there who had previously been on the show; she was a prostitute, and guess who her manager was???? HER FATHER!!!! They showed clips of him preping her and talking to her and how cruel and heartless he was to her, he would wax her, coach her and then take her to brothels even after she begged not to! The last time she was on Tyra she told her dad she did not want to do it anymore and was not going to , well today since that show was the first time she had seen her father, and it was so emotional! Really how could he do that to his daughter? Now he is the manager of another girl who is only 19, and he does all the same things for this new child that he did his own. What kind of father is he, he was pimping his daughter out!?!?!