Moving along with what my mom said.. I had to take some time to think about who I really wanted to include in this post.. and while there has been multiple people and males who have had some sort of influence on me... I had to think about the ones who truely knew or know me, and my life!

First I have to start my best friend in the whole world and cousin PETER! Peter is more like a big brother to me, he does not live near me, but when I need him he definitely there in spirit! Growing up when I visited him for the summer I know we got on eachothers nerves, but now that I am older, I sure we still get on eachothers nerves!lol! Peter is always there to guide me, and tell me when I am heading down the wrong path in his loving manner. No matter what is going on in his world or mine, he can always put a smile on my face with his goofiness..:) I have been through some crazy things and gone to do something stupid things, but Peter is always there to talk to and bail me out!

Next up is my dads brother/my uncle Que! Definitely is one of my favorite uncles on my Dads side, he is so easy to talk to, and always pushes me to do the rite things. Nobody is perfect and he like many of us has made mistakes, but he teaches me through them to make sure I do not make the same ones. I remember when I graduated, my dad said he could not come, and he never even called, despite my uncle's circumstance he sent a card with a letter...and he has never once forgotten my birthday! He is one of the few in the family that actually listens to both sides of the struggle between myself and my father.. and give guidance based upon that instead of basing it solely on the garbage my father has said! He is another individual that does not live close to me, but he is always there in spirit!

Then we have good ole' Strick or Najee as most people know him. I met Strick in art class my senior year, and his work was always so amazing, so we use to sit next to each other in class. We quickly became friends, laughing and giggling over stupid stories, Family Guy, and my crazy friends back home. Strick was always there to keep me smiling. Strick like me does not have the best relationship with his father, and we never use to talk on that level until recently.. but I consider Strick like a brotha from another!!! We always have a good time when we are together, but when it comes down to it, we can talk about pretty much anything, and we always got each others back! Lately Strick has been going through a lot, and I want him to know I am here for him, like he has always been for me!!

Lastly we have James, I have known him the shortest amount of time, but I must say he has a very good judge of character and he knows me pretty well, I might even say a little better than the ones before him! During the short year and a half I have known him, he has offered a lot of guidance, and helped me make some monumental decisions, and helped me get rid of the trash in my life. James and I may not always see eye to eye, and he is never hesitant to express his own opinion about what he wants me to do. For a while James and I fell off becasue of some stupid mistakes I made, and I really regret, but we have recently began talking a little bit now.. and I will forever be grateful for what he has done for me, wether he realizes it or not!
(and i got to thank Zipporah for introducing us!)