My Back Bone!!!

This weekend my mom finally got to read my blog, we went to Starbucks together and read together, while she said I need to edit something she expressed how proud of me she was, and is! While on the way home form Starbucks she sad that I should attempt to place some positive things on my blog, besides the post I have about Mike. She said I should think about some positive male role models. While I do some positive male role models for a long time my mom has been my mother, father and everything else in between, so this one is all about my MOMMY!!! My mom is such an amazing woman and everyone who has the pleasure of knowing her, knows that! Despite my dad's lack of effort to be a father to me, my mother quickly assummed the role of both mother and father for me. She did what ever she needed to when i was growing up, taking night jobs to make sure she was there for me during the day, attending all my events, what ever it was SHE WAS THERE!!!  Just some examples of my mom doing what ever she can, I use to play travel volleyball, and we had an away game, and my mom said she couldn't go, so she sent to ride with a teammate. The morning of the tournament, as we were about to begin our second game in hops my mom(hops, because she had just had surgery the week before). My senior year of high school I moved away, and it was Thanksgiving and I was definitely home sick, well my mom told me there was no way she would be able to visit me, or have me come home....Rite before we sat down to eat dinner, my mom walked in.... I cried so hard!!

Although my mom and I have not always seen eye to eye, I always know she has my best interest at heart! My mom has been through a whole lot, and its by the grace of God that I have here with me day in and day out!! I understand it is what she has been through that makes her tha amazing individual she is and why she tells me the things she does(even though she says them a million times LOL)so I do not have go through what she did!!
As much as I have to thank my dad for making me the person I am, I have to thank my mom a million times more for helping to form that person, making me a better individual  and making me grow up as a WOMAN!!