He Told Me

"Have I ever told you that if I sit really still and silent sometimes. I like to think i can hear your heart beating in time with mine?

Have I ever told you that there has been times when I ached for you so badly that emotions overwhelmed me, so I sat and cried?

Have I ever told you I love you?

Statistics show that woman search for men that remind them or have characteristics of their father, but not me! Not to say I have not been in relationships with guys who unfortunately are a lot like my father. But the words above are from a poem my wonderful baby wrote for me. I am so blessed and thank God everyday for him being in my life. I have never had a man who loves me the way he does. He makes me so happy. I wake up every morning and thank the Lord for sending him to me. He is my superstar, but while on his quest for success he is always there to support and back me up 100%. He is doing big things with his music career(, and he makes me proud everyday! Also my hubby has inspired my to return to my art, people who know from me the past know that art use to be my world, it was the only way I could express myself. So I bought a sketchbook and I am determined to get back to my work and true love(besides him), this is my first sketch.


Yall probably don't care about none of this, but who cares, I'M IN LOVE!!!!!! and I am helping to break the cycle!!!